Georgian (Kartvelian):
  • I am currently investigating the Georgian agreement system through the lens of the inverse agreement paradigm, which has been characterized as a ‘flip’ of the default agreement pattern, i.e. basic agreement. Most analyses of Georgian agreement have focused on the basic paradigm, and I hope to shed light on a unified analysis of the two. In particular, I explore the differences in their structure and agreement domains from the similarities and differences with respect to the number agreement patterns between the two.
  • I am also looking into the behaviour of Georgian indexical shifting, which has been understudied in the literature. I am investigating the division of labour between a monster operator and more general reportative/quotative marking, and the consequences for a general theory of indexical shifting.
Nishnaabemwin (Algonquian):
  • Nishnaabemwin has two negative items which both appear to be optional, i.e. the sentence is negated just in case one negative element is present. If both appear, however, the sentence still receives one semantic negation. Preliminary investigation suggests that they do not have the same licensing abilities, and I am further investigating their consequences for theories of negative concord, and negation overall.
  • I am also investigating variable force modality in Nishnaabemwin. Under certain circumstances, the same modal prefix is compatible with both possibility and necessity interpretations in a range of root flavours. I am currently exploring how these facts fit in with cross-linguistic behaviour overall, and whether variable force modality is indeed a unified phenomenon.